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Warrior Women

How women battled and overcame difficulties in their lives through faith, prayer, or fasting.

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You do not have to battle anxiety and overwhelm alone. Learn to grow through Biblical principles.

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Advice on how to cope with fear, doubt, and anxiety with articles filled with hope and grace.

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Strong Will, Strong Mind, Strong God warrior women series Nov 30, 2023

God's Warrior Woman ~ Rachael's Story

"You’re the strongest woman I know,” I texted my mom during her hospital stay for a stem cell transplant. She lives in a different state, so I cannot be with her as much as I’d like.  I’d recently returned from an in-person...

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Miracles Do Still Happen: Adoption and the Need to Surrender warrior women series Nov 23, 2023

God's Warrior Woman ~ Lori's Story

 As an organized person who loved to plan out her future, God had quite a time teaching a younger me about surrendering my version of my life story for His. He refined that concept most significantly through our journey to adopt our daughter. He showed me...

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Embracing Spiritual Growth: Lessons from Planks and God's Plan warrior women series Nov 16, 2023

God's Warrior Woman ~ Torrie's Story

Hey there, lovely friends! 

Have you ever thought about the unexpected parallels between a fitness plank and our roles as foundations for others? This question ignited a transformation that God continues to use in my life.

Even as I build using the stories...

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From Brokenness to Whole: A Journey of Faith, Love and Redemption warrior women series Nov 09, 2023

God's Warrior Woman ~ Nicole's Story

I paused in the parking lot as the faded blue Honda Accord drove by. Glancing over my left shoulder, a reflection caught my eye from the fish sticker on the rear window. I smiled. 

I had recently turned my face back towards God, inviting Him to guide me...

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From Darkness to Eternal Hope: My Journey of Faith and Healing warrior women series Nov 02, 2023

God's Warrior Woman ~ Brittany's Story

Imagine standing on the beach, bending down to grasp a handful of sand, and observing the sand particles fall through your fingers.  

Have you experienced moments in life where it feels as though everything is crumbling around you, enveloping you in...

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Embracing the Good Fight: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Your Spiritual Identity warrior women series Oct 26, 2023

God's Warrior Woman  ~ Janet’s Story

Have you ever felt like you were on the verge of something great and then life hit you with unexpected challenges and obstacles?

Or did you move in a new direction or try to accomplish a goal only to encounter roadblocks?

Seemingly out of nowhere,...

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A Story of Finding Freedom from Anger and Disappointment warrior women series Oct 19, 2023

God's Warrior Woman ~ Hadassah's Story

Are you angry at God?

This question may surprise you. Perhaps, as a good Christian, you think this question is scandalous because we should never feel angry or disappointed with God.

But what if I tell you that this is not true, and it is even possible not...

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Learning How to Stand warrior women series Oct 12, 2023

God's Warrior Woman - Amanda's Story

The sun hadn’t come up yet. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think the moon had disappeared from the slowly emerging break of dawn. I looked out the living room window as if I expected to see someone
walking toward the house to help me.

I wished...

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