What if you could step into a space filled with authenticity and passion for the Savior? 

...a place that is safe enough and strong enough to help lift the burden of service.

Are you a wife, mom, or woman in ministry who serves others tirelessly - who constantly faces the fear of being known?

You're Not Alone.

I know what it feels like to be surrounded by women, yet still feel very alone.

I know what it's like to feel as if you are serving from an empty cup, and I know the burden of constant expectations with little to no family time.

It begins to feel risky to be vulnerable with those around you.

It's tempting to stay in a place of depletion because it seems like our "good Christian" role, but it can only last so long in our own strength.

You might feel pulled apart, misunderstood, isolated, or overwhelmed, but it doesn't have to be that way.

But you know you can do better and desire to live out God’s design for your life.

I have a dream of serving women in leadership through a community that feels safe enough for ministry leaders to open up about insecurities and struggles, and a group that is strong enough to spur one another on to their maximum potential in Christ.

I knew that you, Sister, needed a safe place where you can give space to attend to your own needs and find clarity, strength, and joy in order to continue doing what you do best-serving and leading others. 

I want you to be encouraged, have the strength to sincerely lean in and lead well!

My hope is that you will gain the motivation and faith from this community to step into the role that’s been assigned to you and align with God’s purposeful design for servant leadership. 

Introducing I.M.P.A.C.T.

(Intentional Motivation Practicing Active Christian Truths)

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Do you often...

  • Sense the burden of constant expectations?
  • Suffer from experiencing little to no family time?
  • Feel like you are taking a risk when trying to be vulnerable with those around you?  
  • Stay in a place of depletion in order to fulfill your role?

If the answer to any of these is YES, then I know our community will refresh your soul and speak to your tired heart!

The IMPACT Collaborative Community is designed to provide spiritual content and tools, as well as a safe space to connect with other women walking on a similar path.

Our purpose is to develop, strengthen, and encourage you as a leader.

What happens in the IMPACT Collaborative Community?


On-demand Training Library:

Inside your ever-growing library you'll get training topics like: Overcoming Fear, Mindset Limitations, Discovering God’s Unique Design,
Renewing Your Mind with Positive Intelligence, and so much more! This library is going to be your study guide, your instructional challenges, where we will have learn how to serve and lead well, become more self-aware, learn to lead well, and receive tools and techniques to help us grow.


Monthly Live Q&A Sessions:

Every month we will gather together to experience an in-depth training with expert coaches. This will give you opportunities to ask questions, discover what other members are learning, and fill your toolbox with even MORE tips and techniques!


Quarterly Bible Studies:

Each quarter a new Bible Study series will be offered to provide you with additional unique ways to grow in maturity. Regardless of your unique creative learning style, you will be given the resources you need to get started experiencing the truths of God's Word in new and fun ways. Daily and Scripture Readings plans to accompany the study topic or book so you’ll be able to spend time in the Bible deepening your relationship.


A Community for Connection and Conversation:

The best way to fail is to go it alone. Our thriving and strong online community is filled with women just like you from all over the world. It is a beautiful and supportive experience to be a part of our diversity. No matter where you live, when you’re here, you’re family. You can take advantage of my years of ministry and history in teaching women as we work together to grow in faith. I have the background needed to help you in your journey and we walking right beside you!

There is a Facebook group for community interaction; However, all the downloads and video content is available in the member portal. Facebook or other social media accounts are NOT required to be a member. We also utilize email to send communications to members.


Exclusive Access to Resources

Be the first to know about upcoming Virtual and In-Person Retreat and eligible to receive discounts and priority reservation at The RefresHER Women’s Retreat which is held annually. This is a don’t miss event with Limited Spaces. Enjoy 3 days and 2 nights all-inclusive intimate weekend at a secluded remote location.

Overcoming a negative thought-life can be challenging when you haven’t gotten to the root cause of the problem. The Renewed Mind Positive Intelligence course is a life-changing opportunity and you participate and experience to strengthen mental muscles at a fraction of the cost when new PODs are starting.

As an added benefit, you have direct contact with me for 1:1 coaching and/or mentoring.

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 Become a Founding Member and access the membership for ONLY $9.99, a month. Locked in as long as you remain a member.

You’ll get first access to the training modules, the opportunity to help create the culture of our community and have personal input into what future training and content will be based on to inspire and equip you on your journey.

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 Are you ready to join a Christ-centered Community where you are seen, heard, motivated and valued?

Get the support you've been secretly hoping for and encouragement in your leadership without the drama and the deadly comparison trap!

Our community's easy to use training, tools and materials will encourage work life balance so you can achieve more while accomplishing the results you desire. 

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Meet Your Coach:

Hey Sister, I know that sometimes it feels like no one understands you and it will be impossible walk in your purpose without feeling completely drained. 


I've been there... a few times! However, through learning the importance of fasting and praying, God used me to plant and pastor a church in Stuttgart, Germany! I now serve as a Christian Life Coach and Ministry leader who has had the privilege of being trusted by dozens of women to coach, mentor, and serve their ministries internationally. The foundational principle that has shaped my life and ministry and has kept me from burning out is PRAYER and it excites me to have the opportunity teach others how to pray the Word of God and use the Bible as medicine for their mind, body and soul.

Planting and growing ministries to spread His word to the ends of the earth is a calling I accepted and am passionate about doing. God has graced me with resources, teachings, and tools to empower other women to walk boldly in their calling. And I’m here to serve and support you on your journey!

Ready to do this together?

What other members are saying:

Don't just take my word for it! 

Kim Swain

"LaVonda was willing to believe in me even when she didn’t know me. I met her in a football stadium where our sons were playing in Germany. I felt a connection immediately, which I later realized was the Holy Spirit drawing our hearts together. LaVonda took a chance on me, meeting me for lunch and then from their stepping into a roll of mentoring me through my first retreat. God knew I needed LaVonda’s wisdom and experience to help guide and support me in my endeavor. But mainly, I need her reassurance and encouragement. She taught me (and continues to teach me) how to lean into the Lord by trusting the Holy Spirit, listening to Him, and pursuing Him. She knows how to pray and listen. She speaks to the King of Kings and waits for His reply. She doesn’t just pray one-sided, she invites and waits in anticipation for His response. She is teaching me to do the same. Through the power of prayer, LaVonda continues to invite me and others to a journey with Jesus. She in no way claims perfection. She is humble and real. I am drawn to these qualities of humility. I am thankful for my first-hand experience of the Holy Spirit using her, teaching through her and her willingness to share that with me and others who take the chance to walk the journey alongside of her. I will forever be grateful for her willingness to believe in me because of her belief in Jesus."

Brittany Smalls

"LaVonda is not only gifted naturally, but she does her work in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. Her willingness to listen and really get to the root of the matter to help you be your best self, is needed in the lives of every Christian woman, and truthfully, even those who are struggling with the Christian part. I cannot explain in depth the release that I was able to receive from just having someone help me make sense of all that I desire to do. Joyful Journey is highly recommended if you're chasing life with purpose and are finding that you occasionally need to regroup, refocus, and realign yourself with God's agenda. I am better today than I was prior to my session, and I thank God because Joyful Journey has helped me to get the "Joy" back in my journey!"

Are you ready to fill up your empty cup?

Be welcomed into a community that is ready to pray for you, cheer for you, and guide you with supportive resources! It's time to pace yourself, GROW with sisters and step forward with a FULL HEART into your own unique way God is working in and through your life!

It could be life-changing.

Yes! I'm Ready

Your Investment


Limited Time Offer ⤵

  • On-demand Membership Training Library with ever-growing resources and instruction
  • Monthly live session for Q&A , in-depth training, group coaching or a guest expert knowledge sharing
  • A Community for connection and to ask questions
  • Quarterly Bible Studies
  • Early access and member-only rates to Retreats, Summits, and more

Become a Founding Member and access the membership for ONLY $9.99, a month. Locked in as long as you remain a member

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Tried & Applied Guarantee

To make your decision to join even easier, we offer a 30-day "tried and applied" guarantee. This gives you the opportunity to test drive the membership and see if it's a fit. All you have to do is log into the member library, watch a training from the library, engage in our group, join a live call, and connect with other members. If you don't find that we offer value to help you grow, just reach out to us for a full refund. We want to make sure this is the right fit for you!

What’s INCLUDED...

The I.M.P.A.C.T. Community is worth thousands! But of course we're not charging that...

I PROMISE - this community will bring more value to your life and ministry! 

  • On-demand Membership Training Library (VALUE $1800)
    • Overcoming Fear & Worry & Mindset Limitations
    • Discovering God’s Unique Design and Embracing It
    • Praying to Get Results
    • Renewing Your Mind with Positive Intelligence
    • Fasting & Praying ~ The Discipline You Need in Your Life
  • Monthly Live Group Q&A Sessions with Leadership Training Sessions, Expert Coaching, and Special Guest Teachers (VALUE $2000)
  • Mental, Physical, Emotional Support and Resources for caring naturally and biblically.
    (VALUE $700)
  • Quarterly Bible Studies (VALUE $500)
  • A Networking Community to grow, glean from and learn with other like-minded leaders (VALUE $1000)
  • Early access and member-only rates to Retreats, Summits, and more (VALUE $2400)
Being seen, heard and supported in a safe spiritual environment?
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Are you ready to take the next step and build your confidence and start a new journey with the best community to achieve and bring glory to God?

Are you ready to dig in and be supported every step of the way?

See you inside!

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Limited Time Offer ⤵

  • On-demand Membership Training Library with ever-growing resources and instruction
  • Monthly live session for Q&A , in-depth training, group coaching or a guest expert knowledge sharing
  • Quarterly Bible Studies
  • A Community for connection and to ask questions
  • Early access and member-only rates to Retreats, Summits, and more

Become a Founding Member and access the membership for ONLY $9.99, a month. Locked in as long as you remain a member

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