Hey there,

I'm LaVonda

My life's calling is to encourage, equip and empower you to discover and thrive in your spiritual journey of leadership or God-given purpose. I invite you to walk together with me to experience authentic community, trustworthy counsel, and sincere devotion to the Bible, worship, and prayer.

Hey there,

I'm LaVonda

My life's calling is to encourage, equip and empower you to discover and thrive in your spiritual journey of leadership or God-given purpose. I invite you to walk together with me to experience authentic community, trustworthy counsel, and sincere devotion to worship, prayer, and the study of the Scriptures.

How it began...

From a simple newsletter to an inspiring full time ministry...

Joyful Journey began as a newsletter that aimed to inspire and encourage women in the military community of USAG Stuttgart. Soon, I began hosting events like Christmas Cookie Exchanges, Secret Sister Fellowship, Bible Studies & Prayer Walks and then the Lord spoke to me! He showed me an idea about taking women to the high places of intimacy with Him, and the RefresHER Women’s Retreat was born. This has become an annual event that myself and many other women look forward to every Spring. In January of 2016, I began teaching women about the discipline of fasting and training them to strengthen their prayer life as they learned to discern the voice of God. Later, this material was used to help build my course "Rekindle" and with that my love for coaching women in leadership and equipping them with the tools of spiritual discipline became fire in my soul! The spiritual journey is beautiful and there is something so precious about guiding God's beloved through the process of uncovering their own God-given potential and purpose in Him.

How I can help...

I haven't traveled your road, but my experiences will resonate.

As a military wife with three children, I found myself living life through the eyes of depression for over 8 years. I became addicted to anti-depressants that only served as a cover up to the deeper roots that fueled my depressive and stuck state.

Like some of you here, I was abandoned by my father as a small child and abused emotionally by my family members. I never felt loved. These wounds festered under the weight of marriage, parenting, the military life of moving and never finding roots. As I tirelessly tried to overcome in my own strength, I became an emotional eater, overweight and dependent on medications for my well being.

After continuing to do things my way and living a life of rebellion with each PCS (permanent change of station), God finally got my attention loud and clear. I began to learn that despite my flaws, struggles with depression and my past, I was fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image and He has a grand purpose for my life! I learned to use God’s Word as medicine to heal my body and mind and embrace my true identity and freedom in Christ. Once He spoke to me so clearly at a Women’s Aglow meeting, “Your Purpose in Life is to serve Me.” I made the decision to become fully surrendered and obedient in order for God to fulfill His purpose in my life.

I aligned my will with His will.  

Through this newfound passion and commitment to prayer and seeking God’s face I began to joyfully serve Him by providing tools for spiritual growth to the women of the Military Community. From there He expanded my vision and reach and birthed a ministry from within me.

Today, I have more than 8 years of experience teaching, training, coaching and counseling women to find their God-given purpose and to rest in the total satisfaction of Who He is!
I am a member of the More To Be Coaching Community, The Hope Writers Community, and received my certification as a Coach through Life Breakthrough Academy and Biblical Coaching. Embracing my own spiritual gifts and learning how to steward my personality allowed me to develop a program that teaches other women how to obtain the same success in their spiritual growth and leadership.

I believe YOU have a PURPOSE so powerful! I believe you have an inherent ability to transform your life and renew your mind through the power of prayer. I’m here to help you bring your purpose and strength to life in an unstoppable way! Whether it be through 1:1 Coaching, the IMPACT community, my course Rekindled, or at one of my RefresHER Retreats, it would be my privilege to journey with you.

Why I do it...

Because what almost destroyed my life, doesn't need to destroy yours.

I know first hand what it feels like to be stuck in despair and by grace I have learned how to come alive in Him, and I HAVE to share that! It is my JOY to lead women through the process of healing, restoration and renewal as they seek to encounter their destiny and step forward into all of the beautiful things the Father has planned and intends for their life. I am a passionate worshipper and lover of God and the fellowship of His people. I come alive through fostering a community of women who support one another in prayer and encouragement as they discover their God-given purpose. I love to sit at Jesus's feet and I love to walk with women as they discover just how truly intimate a relationship with Him can be. Why do I do this? Because my Father loves me so and pointed me to this mission!

Fun facts...

What do we have in common?  



I am a snorter. Yes, it's true, I LOVE to laugh, (laughter is great medicine), but my laughter has no control from giggles to snorting to crying.



I adore travel. My favorite place to travel to is Ephesus, which is where my husband took me for our 25th Wedding Anniversary! It was thrilling to stand where Paul preached and to experience the ruins from Biblical times.



My favorite color is purple. I now know that I am a chosen and wanted daughter of the King, that makes me royalty! So, the color purple holds a significant place in my heart. Purple everything!



I enjoy window shopping and antiquing - perhaps while sipping a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato - though "just looking" is my favorite, I can't pass up a black Santa or a beautiful cross, I have a collection of both!

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