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LaVonda frequently shares her story as a podcast guest, her insights and tips for intimacy with God as a guest speaker for virtual events, and occasionally in other site memberships.

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21 Days of Fasting & Praying

I am honored and humbled to share my testimony with Jodi Rosser of the DEPTH Podcast. I tell my story about restoration through the power of love, forgiveness, prayer and the FREEDOM that was discovered through the love Christ!

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Letting Go of the Past

Andria McCollough, Shine Breakthrough Life Coaching’s “Lead, Lady & Wash Feet” is the podcast to empower women in Leadership to show up with courage and compassion every single day. Today we discuss, unforgiveness as
a condition of the heart and how to move forward.

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Get Unstuck Series

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to join Camille McIntyre, on the “GET UNSTUCK” series (@camille_mcytrye) to discuss the importance of praying for our husbands and how to create a disciplined life of Prayer & Fasting based on my book, 21 Days of Fasting and Praying: The Beginner’s Guide to a Disciplined Life.

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What I Wish I Knew When


MORE TO BE PODCAST with Elisa Pulliam, Founder & Perry Ashley, The Otherside of Gray. Episode 71 ~ What I Wish I Knew When ~ We discuss key areas of our lives that were key in our transformation as women of faith.

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