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LaVonda frequently shares her story as a podcast guest, her insights and tips for intimacy with God as a guest speaker for virtual events, and occasionally in other site memberships.

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Most Recent Guest Appearances 


Blossoming Faith. A powerful and inspiring word for us to embrace as we move through seasons of life in faith. 

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God is Love Blog hosted by Alexis Goring features devotions based on John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." -- God is Love. God loves you! Enough said. 

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I recently had an opportunity to speak with Vicki Otaruyana, the Founder of the recently produced Women in Kingdom Business Magazine.  We discussed my approach to walk women into wholeness ~ spirit, soul and body.

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CREATE TALKS LIVE ~ Created to Overcome

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Randy Schimon (Theresa Dedmon, Create Academy) about how I Overcame obstacles after the journey of discovering my God-given identity.

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A Cup of Gratitude with Amanda  Schaefer. Finding Gratitude and Joy. LaVonda shares stories of faith and encouragement from her life that propelled her life forward and trusting in God. 

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From Victim to Victor: Freedom from the Aftermath of Abuse 


THE BRAVE WOMEN SERIES with Becky Beresford, Author, LaVonda writes her brave story of how she discovered freedom in forgiveness from abuse. She shares how using the weapon of prayer changed her life.

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21 Days of Fasting & Praying 

I am honored and humbled to share my testimony with Jodi Rosser of the DEPTH Podcast. I tell my story about restoration through the power of love, forgiveness, prayer and the FREEDOM that was discovered through the love Christ!

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Pastor Camille McIntyre and I discuss my new book "21 Days of Fasting & Praying, The Beginners Guide to a Disciplined Life." 

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