The Beginner's Guide to a Daily Quiet Time

prayer spiritual growth Sep 07, 2019

Do you find it difficult to spend quality time with Jesus every day in a Daily Quiet Time? In the days of immediate and quick satisfaction, our busy schedules can sometimes cause us to forget what is most important.

When I was in college, my mentor challenged me to a Daily Quiet Time.

What is a Daily Quiet Time, I asked. Her response ~ DQT is building an intimate relationship with Christ.

I’ll forever be grateful that she introduced me to this simple technique to get me started on building my relationship with Christ.

We are all given 1,440 minutes every day. I would challenge new believers to begin with 15 minutes a day given to Christ. You are probably thinking, I’m already so busy, I need to add this to my do list.

I go to church every Sunday, isn’t that enough ~ NO!

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.
Hebrews 10:25 NLT

How Do I Start a Daily Quiet Time?

If you desire a thriving personal relationship with Christ you must begin spending a minimum of 5 minutes in Praise & Thanksgiving, 5 minutes in Praying for your yourself and others, and 5 minutes listening to God for instructions. This is how I began building my intimate personal relationship with Christ.

Starting to read God’s Word doesn’t have to be like jumping into a marathon without training. You may start to cramp, feel out of breath and want to give, but hang in there. Before you know it, the desire for more of Christ grows. By reading God’s Word to discover more about Him and His ways, you will desire to apply them to your life.

Let’s Make An Appointment

Scheduled Time. Start by beginning a routine of keeping an appointment with Christ. I have a personal calendar and my iPhone which helps me to schedule appointments and keep track of what I’m supposed to do each day. My to-do list is always full of things to get done. I have even learned to now list my Top 3 Things that I must get done, and you know what must be Top 1 - My meeting with God. I keep my appointment with Him every day at 5 a.m. - My relationship with Christ is important to me. Do you agree that you find time for those people and things that are most important to you? Just choose a time and stick with it.

  • Rise earlier than the rest of your family
  • Your lunch break
  • After you've put the children to bed

Giving God the Adoration and Praise for who He is, what He has done, and our appreciation for Him should come naturally for us; however, it may be a challenge for a new believer. You might want to start writing down a Gratitude List. We were created for worship and fellowship with our Father and it needs to become a habit.

"Look! I've been standing at the door and constantly knocking. If anyone ... opens the door, I will come in and fellowship with him and he with me." --Revelation 3:20 (LB)


Where Do You Want to Meet?

A Specific Place. One of the first things asked after I plan to get together with someone, “Where do you want to me?” I always enjoy getting together at a quiet restaurant or bakery place where we sit alone and our conversation can be uninterrupted and the atmosphere is intimate. This is what I’d recommend in your home when you first start your day.

Find a place that is quiet and meditative away from the television and without your cell phone or electronics. In Luke 5:16, Jesus drew away from distractions to find a quiet place to pray. I prefer to have my quiet time in the mornings before my family is awake and activity starts throughout the house. I need this time to talk with God in prayer with a quiet my mind and my heart that is ready to listen. It is during this scheduled time and the specific place of quietness that we allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us.

What is God Speaking To Me?

Observation & Interpretation. Spending time in God’s word can be done by topic, theme, and emotions. I usually select a passage of scripture to read while asking the questions, who is speaking, what is the subject or event being covered, what is this taking place, why is this being said and how can I apply it to my life and encourage others.

I think about what God is trying to say to me in this passage and how I need to line my life up with what God wants me to do and respond. There have been times when the words illuminated off the pages and it was God speaking directly to me. He provided guidance where I needed instructions or encouraged me during a dark time.

The point is to begin having a daily quiet time and you will witness God transform your life. Decide to discipline yourself to start this worthwhile discipline and begin learning to hear from God on a daily basis. It is God’s voice that is worthy of hearing.


Getting started can be difficult and you may need someone to encourage you along the way and to whom you can be accountable. You may have a question about a passage or maybe you need a Christian friend to journey alongside you. You can do this~ you are not alone and I promise this will be the best investment ever.

Are you ready to begin a Daily Quiet Time with God?

Need encouragement, someone to pray with you and keep you accountable? I'm here to help you walk alongside you to equip, empower and encourage you! Let's Talk about whatever is on your heart today!

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