Overcoming Heartbreak: A Journey of Prayer, Faith, and Restoration

warrior women series Sep 13, 2023
warrior women series

God's Warrior Woman ~ LaVonda

Have you ever experienced heartbreak that left you feeling paralyzed?  

What appeared to be a typical sunny Arizona afternoon turned my world upside down.

The knock on the door and then the persistent ringing of the doorbell forced me to move quickly to answer. There stood on my porch the Family Care Child Director and the Luke Air Force Base Military Police.

"Hello, may I help you?" I asked. LaVonda, we need to come in and speak with you.

 And then it happened. My heartache began as my chest tightened. I was sick when I heard, "We have reason to believe that you've abused a child in your care, and I must take your license pending further investigation and action."

 "What, Who would say those things about me?" I asked. No response.  We are removing all children from your care and calling their parents.

 I was humiliated, embarrassed, and sickened over these false accusations.  A whirlwind of thoughts like a tornado’s wind entered my mind as tears streamed down my face.  Here I was faced with abandonment much like that of my childhood when my father walked out of my life.

Alone and helpless. What would be the next step? How could I tell my husband? what would my friends say?

The room darkened and only the sun could peak through the laced curtains.

Though darkness surrounds me, I can rest in my Father's arms, for He along is my shelter in a storm.

As I continued to cry uncontrollably, I called my husband to ask him to come home quickly as there was an emergency.

Once he arrived, we prayed that God would intervene in this situation as he consoled our children and me.

I was to report to the police station for questioning the following day.

I called another Child Care Provider, my mentor, my friend, who shared what had happened, and asked if she would care for my children while I went to the police station.

The police asked me questions repeatedly about my daily procedures with the children, reviewed my background checks, and, most specifically, about a day at the playground.

I sat there thinking, Lord, please bring anything about outdoor play to my remembrance. I shared a day at the playground one of the children was sitting in the sand. Another child alerted me there were ants in the sand. I went over and began hurriedly cleaning the red ants off of one of the child's legs and arms.

Someone reported I was "hitting" a child in my care at the local playground. I explained in detail over and over ~ "I was not hitting the child." "I was trying to protect the child from red ant bites which could have been dangerous." I provided information so they verify my story.  Please ask the child who told me, "Ms. 'Vonda, there are ants in the sandbox."  I even suggested speaking with the Grounds Maintenance crew because I had reported the sandbox was infested with ants

I was heartbroken over how this appeared to others in the community. Our military community was small, an.d my integrity was in question. I felt ashamed and isolated.

The rooms in our house remained dark. I refused to open any blinds or go outside the home. I knew people would gossip, and my Certified Childcare License was no longer in the front window facing the main road of Luke Air Force Base.

Yes, we lived on the main street leading to the Luke Elementary School, and people were constantly on the street.

The darkness of my heartache led to despair and depression while the investigation continued.

I attended church one Sunday and cried the entire service. An older woman came over and asked me, "Are you okay? How can I help you,  you seem upset today?" Before I knew it, I blurted out everything to this total stranger, and her response was, "All you need to do is come to the prayer meeting Friday at 6 pm".

"I'm the Intercessory Prayer Lead, and we will pray. I believe everything will work out in your favor." "This is an enemy attack, Spiritual Warfare," she said. I gave her a glazed deer in the headlight look.

 And she armed me with scripture to read daily until the prayer meeting.

"When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I give Egypt for ransom, Cush and Seba in your stead." Isaiah 43:2

I returned home and started to do as instructed until Friday. My husband watched our children, and I went to the church.

I sat quietly and watched these women pray scripture, speak in tongues, and walk around the church interceding for others, and this went on for over an hour. This was an incredible experience and I felt the warmth of God's Holy Spirit move inside my heart.

Prayer lifted the weight off my shoulders. The Word of God had begun to heal my heart from this heartbreak and transform my mind. These prayers indeed strengthened me.

As the investigation continued, my faith was strengthened, my mindset renewed, and my identity restored.
I was cleared of all pending charges. The authorities returned my Childcare license, and I could resume business as Lovin' Little One's Childcare.

What the enemy meant for evil, God turned it around for good. All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

My life was changed by learning how to pray powerful prayers that would move mountains.

I could have chosen to foster bitterness toward everyone who gave me ugly looks, whispered insults under their breath, and no longer wanted my friendship, but I decided to walk in love and forgiveness.

I believed in God and trusted in Him completely.

It felt like another dagger to my heart when I discovered that it was my mentor and friend who had created this false report to destroy my growing business.

"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what was now being done, saving many lives." Genesis 50:20

If I had not experienced this heartbreak in Arizona, I would not have the lifestyle of prayer and fasting that I have today. 

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About LaVonda


As an author, speaker, Certified Positive Intelligence(PQ), and Christian Life Coach, LaVonda is passionate about helping women who are held captive to self-judgment and mindset limitations experience the freedom to walk courageously in their God-given purpose. Because she herself once lived beneath the labels of fear, shame, depression, and anxiety, she understands untapped potential along with the many other effects of a broken identity. 

The founder of Joyful Journey, LaVonda writes here at lavondamccullough.com She is passionate about teaching the Word of God, knowing your God-given identity, and hope found only in Him. She utilizes Coaching, Bible Study, Prayer Walks, and retreats (Joyful Journey RefresHER retreat) to teach women how to reach the divine power within.

The author of "21 Days of Fasting and Praying, The Beginner’s Guide to a Disciplined Life," she enjoys teaching about the importance of a Daily Quiet Time and using God’s Word as Medicine.

LaVonda and her husband of 33 years, Micah, live in beautiful Stuttgart Germany, and together have 3 children; an adult daughter and college boy/girl twins.



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