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Become Everything You Were Meant To Be

Do you want to get focused and successfully navigate this hurried life without leaving your spiritual walk in the dust?

Discover how to let the light break through the clouds of life that are keeping your soul and success in the shadows, right where you are, from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule through the...

Becoming The Whole Woman Summit! 

Join 20+ leading ladies and women of God as they teach you how to

September 28 - October 1, 2021

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4 Days Of Teaching Showing You Not Only How To Overcome Confusion But How To Purposefully and Diligently Walk Out Your Calling. 


Hey lady,

Do you feel unfocused, anxious, and confused...?

Are you too busy that you can't be still and  hear the voice of God?

Are you stuck in a state of unforgiveness & shame from the past?

How would you feel if you could wake up with a renewed identity and a clear focus on what God is calling you to?

Featuring some of the most successful leading women in ministry and business.

Meet the Speakers


PLUS, access their amazing resources! No need to wait for the Summit to start, click each image to snag all or some of the best speaker resources! 

Bukky Agboola

Ordained Minister, Author, Gospel Recording Artist

Shannon Popkin

Bestselling Author, Speaker

Lakeshia Poole

Author, Writing Coach, Communications Consultant

Brittany Ann

Author, Speaker

Eva Kubasiak

Author, Bible Teacher 

Torrie Slaughter

Business Owner, Life Coach

Dr. Michelle Bengtson

International Speaker, Bestselling Author

Racheal Adams

Writer, Speaker, Podcaster

Keith Ferrin

Author, Speaker, Blogger, Storyteller

Kendra Dublin

Millennial Strategist, Author, Speaker

Kari Bartkus

Writer, Speaker, Podcaster

Dr. Susan Tanyi

Family Medicine Physician, Writer

Audra Hill

Trauma Informed Care Specialist, Minister

Becky Beresford

Writer, Speaker, Brave Women Series Host

Camille McIntyre

Writer, Pastor

Angela Lawley

Speaker, Podcaster

Delphine Kirkland

Evangelist, Worship Leader, Speaker, Blogger, Author.

Enid Bozic

Podcaster, Professor

Heather Jeffrey

Christian Writer, Physical Therapist

Tara Dickson

Speaker, Podcaster, Writer

Lori Schumaker

Author, Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Life Coach

Sheila Arrington

Minister, Speaker, Teacher

Holly Rigos

Storyteller, Photographer, Teacher, DIYer

Emily Grabatin

Author, Coach
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Meet Your Host

Hi friend! I'm LaVonda, and I am passionate about helping women overcome whatever is standing between them and their God-given destiny! I want to invite you to join me for the Becoming The Whole Woman Summit to experience authentic community, trustworthy counsel and teaching that will help you dismantle your frazzled spirit and revive you from the anxiety and apathy placed on you by the burdens you've been carrying that fog up your soul and mind.

I promise that these four days will be joyous and full of LIFE for you!

Experience Breakthrough And Get Renewed Spiritual Clarity That Transforms Your Daily Life

You don't have to keep wrestling with anxiety and confusion just to survive each day. You can live in freedom and carry with you a sense of purpose!
At the Becoming The Whole Woman Summit, you'll learn how to hear and focus on God's voice to get clarity and strength for each new day. You'll learn how to trust His processes for your life and be confident about carrying out your calling.

There is a way to break free from the mindsets that keep you limited and there is a way to become truly WHOLE.

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Now You're Probably Wondering, OK That Sounds AWESOME, But What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This Online Summit

Here's a taste of what you'll discover by joining the Becoming The Whole Woman Summit.

01. Living whole because you're living in your purpose and walking with confidence. 
02. Living whole because you've been transformed in your soul. 
03. Living whole because you've found a renewed mindset and are restored in your identity. 
04. Living whole & overcoming those mountains because you've clung to hope in Christ.
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01. Register

Register for your FREE seat at the Becoming The Whole Woman. By securing your spot, you'll receive some early bird bonuses, a few reminder emails so you don't miss anything (we won't spam you - it's a promise), and have plenty of time to check everything out! 

02. Resources

Snag all the speaker resources your heart desires! The Becoming The Whole Woman Summit is PACKED with bonuses too! 

03. Mark Your Calendar

Get your whole week blocked off so you can really enjoy the Becoming The Whole Woman Summit. In order to take this seriously and really see renewal and experience transformation you'll need to schedule the time!

04. Soak It All In

And finally! You'll dive into all of the wonderful teaching, encouragement and spiritual guidance that will help you overcome the fog that is keeping you from your purpose!  

Hey there, I'm LaVonda.

As a military wife with three children, I found myself living life through the eyes of depression for over 8 years. I was clouded by anxiety and paralyzed by fear, I believed that I would never be enough. I became addicted to anti-depressants that only served as a cover up to the deeper roots that fueled my depressive and stuck state.
After continuing to do things my own way and living a life of rebellion, God finally got my attention loud and clear. I began to learn that despite my flaws, struggles with depression and my past, I was fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image and that He had a grand purpose for my life! I learned to use God’s Word as medicine to heal my body and mind and to embrace my true identity and freedom in Christ.
Through this newfound passion and commitment to prayer and seeking God’s face I began to joyfully serve Him by providing tools for spiritual growth to women, and God has grown that in calling into a global ministry. I've had the opportunity to coach and minister to hundreds of women around the world, by God's grace!
I believe YOU have a PURPOSE so powerful! I believe you have an inherent ability to transform your life and renew your mind through the power of the Holy Spirit and by activating your relationship with God. I've developed this summit to help you bring your purpose and strength to life in an unstoppable way, and I can't wait to see what God will do in and through you!
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What To Expect...

➕ To gain clarity & focus in your daily and spiritual life

➕ To learn to walk in your God-given purpose

➕ To know who you are & have your identity restored in Christ

➕ To be equipped with amazing resources from our speakers & sponsors


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What Are You Waiting For?

Do you want to experience spiritual renewal and transformation?

Learn how to dismantle your frazzled spirit and overcome disabling anxiety, from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with
the Becoming The Whole Woman Summit! 
Join 20+ leading ladies and women of God as they teach you how to

September 28 - October 1, 2021


Watch the Recordings!